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Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Banks, Public and Private Institutions, Hotels & Hospitality Industry, Event Security

Security personnel more often than not have the most contact with people who enter any building. Our security personnel are well equipped to interact with the people in general as they are well trained in customer service and hospitality, security preventive and counter measures in case of unruly, abusive intruders. Our corporate security guards are capable of working under pressure and have the ability to follow and implement the client’s written instructions, rules and regulation and also capable of working in a multicultured environment.

Security personnel not only need great customer skills, but also skills to deal with a variety of circumstances. Whether you have an unruly, abusive intruder who is trying to force their way through your access points or you have a lost, confused visitor who needs assistance, our corporate security guards have the capability to handle a host of situations.

Understanding that security is a major part of keeping everything surrounding your office safe, from expensive equipment to invaluable customer data, we know how important it is that we keep Client’s premises secure at all times, especially out of office hours when Clients’ premises are most vulnerable. By doing this, we help the Client avoid any exploitation or damage to their brand, people, property and assets. With our security presence we not only ensure your material assets are protected but perhaps more importantly we’ll maintain that feeling of comfort employees need every day in their workplace. Choosing Optimize Security ensures the client is choosing a personalized and dedicated service that is tailored to the exact needs.

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  • CCTV monitoring
  • Reception duties
  • Monitoring access to your premise
  • Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
  • Diffusing any unwanted situationss
  • Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional demeanor
  • Alternative formal guard clothing on request

Optimize Security provides Qatar’s hotels and the hospitality industry with experienced guards who have a natural aptitude of delivering excellent customer service at cost-effective rates. It knows that security plays a key role in providing excellent service especially in hotels and restaurants. Our security personnel contribute to creating a professional impression.

The goal of our hospitality security personnel is to safeguard the employees, guests and property, while improving the standards of operations and services in each industry. These services include conflict resolution, guest complaint response, parking restriction enforcement, alarm response, access control, special events security, fire watch, internal and external surveillance, standing and mobile guards, after-hours escorts and front reception/lobby desk guards.

By working closely with your General Manager, Operations Manager and your staff, our security personnel can build a customized plan to meet the security needs of your institution.

We aim to create a safe and secure environment that allows employees to focus on their primary job responsibilities and guests to simply enjoy a worry-free stay. All our security personnel have completed specialized training to work in the hospitality industry, special events, banks, universities, or any public or private institution.

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Hospitality Security Services Include:

  • Uniformed officers
  • Standing and mobile guards
  • Customized security plans
  • After-hours escorts
  • Parking enforcement
  • Lock-up and alarm
  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • Fire watch
  • Special event security