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Malls, Shopping Centers, Leisure and Entertainment Outlets

Malls and leisure centers’ security is a unique challenge for security professionals. Chances of losses are prevalent and require diligent and competent employees to combat the various threats. Optimize Security and its guards have the experience to deal with the same.

Malls and leisure centers' are highly prone to criminal activities, therefore, our guards are trained to present a welcoming presence and yet project a professional deterrent to crime. Our guards are clearly instructed and trained in the law pertaining to shoplifting and the apprehension of suspects, counter-terrorism and customer service within shopping centers and public places of interest.

Customer service is a very important part of a guard's duty when it comes to answering customer queries and providing directions; a good working knowledge of the property floor plans and layout is important. The scope of duties can also extend to loading bays, car parks and the general curtilage, further protecting the property and shoppers from robbery, assault and damage to vehicles. Security Patrols and CCTV Monitoring further enhance our comprehensive cover.

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For Tailored Services for This Group of Clientele, Optimize Security Carefully Selects Personnel who are Experienced in:

  • Policy design e.g. missing persons, disability awareness, lost property, evacuation
  • Loss prevention training
  • Collaboration with external agencies
  • Discreet store detectives
  • Shopping center-CCTV 0perations
  • Covert investigation
  • Theft deterrence
  • Liaising with police
  • Handling of suspicious individuals

Our fully trained security guards will ensure your retail store/shopping center is warm, welcoming and friendly so that any visitors to your premises feel relaxed and comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk into the mall.This in turn encourages people to comfortably shop and enjoy their time feeling safe.

Prior to partaking security services at a client’s premises, Optimize Security’s guards undergo a two-week orientation program whereby, in collaboration with the client, we develop a plan to combat any future threats, losses etc to the client and/or the client’s premises. Our initial goal is to understand the wider goals, risk and needs of your business. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not fit all. We collect information to develop a future plan of investment that reflects those goals, losses and threats posed to your business. As part of this plan, we then build a team and tailor an image to reflect your retail environment. Our guards also completed trainings related to the following modules:

about service
  • Customer Service
  • Confrontation
  • Theft & loss
  • Terrorist threat
  • Evacuation

The training modules are tailor-made in their entirety to fit your unique security requirements and environment to ensure we provide you with a highly skilled customer & loss prevention team who provide value to your every need.

We will provide a dedicated management team with considerable experience. Our management team will provide reports that will help you make quick and longer term strategic decisions to improve your internal and external security.