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Vacant Properties

  • Patrolling buildings and grounds
  • Carrying out fire safety checks
  • Checking intruder and fire alarm systems are functioning correctly
  • Health and safety checks and reports
  • Keyholding – ensures a spare set of keys at all times
  • Emergency response – our team can respond rapidly to intruders, fires, floods or lock outs

This service is very essential, especially in the event that premises fall vacant and remain vacant for long periods of time.

Empty property checking security service reduces the risks of criminal damage, theft and fire. Property owners will have peace of mind not only knowing that their property is safe, but also that their insurance will no longer become invalid or expensive since they will be able to prove that the properties are being well managed and to the required standards. Regular property inspections mean that any issue can be quickly identified and reported so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and insurance requirements. Optimize Security’s empty property checks can range from external patrols to full internal checks.